Du mieux pour les cartes graphiques NVIDIA à partir de juillet, juste avant l'arrivée des RTX 4000 en gros

Source : CowcotLand

Publié le : vendredi 14 janvier 2022 à 13:10

Ce n'est pas nous qui le disons, mais bel et bien NVIDIA et plus précisement Colette Kross, la CFO des verts. En effet, cette dernière a indiqué dans une interview donnée à Seeking Alpha, que la disponibilité des cartes graphiques actuelles sera meilleure mi-2022 donc à partir de juillet. "So even throughout all of calendar 2021, we have seen strong demand for GeForce. And it continues to remain strong and stronger than our overall supply that we have. The holiday demand, for example, was quite strong, particularly in laptops. And we're still finishing out our quarter. But we'll look at the end of the quarter in terms of what we've seen in terms of channel levels. We had seen channel levels be quite lean, and we are working with our supply chain partners to increase the availability of supply. And we feel better about our supply situation as we move into the second half of the calendar year '22. Some of the other record breaking things that we've seen is gaming demand is quite strong. We're seeing record concurrent users, for example, on Steam. 28 million concurrent users breaking a prior record quite easily. Also, we're seeing momentum build -- momentum building for creative and/or Metaverse like type of applications that are addressed with our Studio offerings, but also [indiscernible].

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